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$15,000 of Shopify Mobile App Sales In First Week | Mike's Dive Store

111x return on investment, over $15,000 of in-app sales in the first week of the mobile app going live, 2x average order value...

$15,000 of Shopify Mobile App Sales In First Week | Mike's Dive Store

The key stats

  • 111x return on investment
  • Over $15,000 of in-app sales in the first week of their mobile app going live
  • 2x average order value

About Mike’s Dive Store

Mike’s Dive Store was founded over 30 years ago by super-salesmen, Mike Caulder: a colossus of the U.K. diving industry.

As a diver himself, he believed in recommending the best products, not the most expensive, and if his customers were satisfied, then they’d return. Eventually, he was so successful that other dive shop owners started to protest that he was distorting the market.

Now, their customer service and historic honesty have established them as the largest supplier of dive equipment in the U.K, whilst their pride for creating the best products have made them the most sustainable.

The problem

Despite their well-earned consumer loyalty and a wide-spread reputation, they were getting lost in the noise of texts and emails from every other business.

Their current digital marketing wasn’t reaching its full potential, or most importantly, their customers, leaving them reduced retention, missed sales, and a leaky funnel.

They needed a way to stand out.

The solution

Mike’s Dive Store saw mobile push notifications as the vehicle to drive consumer engagement whilst cutting through the mass-messages bombarding their customers. Push notifications convert 9x better than SMS marketing and 15x better than email marketing, so the idea was well-founded.

Working closely with their StoreLab Account Manager, they designed a brand-new Shopify mobile app and a bespoke series of push notifications that change in reaction to key sales dates, such as Black Friday. It meant they stayed connected, relevant, and up-to-date with their customers.

The results

  • 111x return on investment
  • Over $15,000 of in-app sales in the first week of their mobile app going live
  • An app conversion rate of 6.64%
  • A click-through rate of 12%
  • An average order value of over £480 - over 2x more than their website

These industry beating figures are a direct result of improving their mobile commerce and enabling strategic push notifications, sending their message and products straight to their customers' fingertips.

The review

"In the first week of our app being launched we had enough sales to cover the cost of the managed package for a year. The account management team is fantastic, we thoroughly recommend StoreLab to anyone"

- Steve, Owner of Mike's Dive Store

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Can you build my app for me?

Of course! Our Pro plan comes with a mobile expert who will design, launch, and manage your mobile app for you, giving you more time while we drive more sales.

How much does it cost to build a mobile app with StoreLab?

You can build a mobile app for your Shopify store for as little as $79 per month.

We never use paywalls, so you don't need to worry about hidden fees or surprise costs, and you can send unlimited push notifications no matter your plan.

What results can I get with a Shopify mobile app?

Shopify mobile app builders are one of the best ways to increase sales for your store. Not only do they drive better retention and make it easier to message your customers, but they also can help reduce abandoned carts through automatic push notifications.

Watch the video below to hear how a mobile app can transform your results.

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